Fine Wine & Spirits Storage Features

Storage and Trading Solutions for Today’s Collector

Our Chinese clients have a range of top-quality storage options in Hong Kong, Singapore, France (Bordeaux), the United Kingdom or the USA. You are welcome to collect you wines from our Hong Kong office at any time. Full details of your options below

premium storage

Domestic & International Storage Network

Cru’s growing fine wine storage network allows you to store wine across the globe and to transfer wines between storage locations on-screen as often as you like.

internatioanl storage map

Top Security As Standard

Cru offers the most secure fine wine storage solution. Our #1 duty is to ensure that collectors receive the highest standard of security and traceability. All wines are fully insured at market value.

Insurance at Market Value

The wines insured market value can be viewed in real-time in your account.

Security of Title

Numbered sub accounts provide independent record of ownership.

Unique Case IDS

All wines have itemised IDs that can be verified with the warehouse.

No Credit Risk

Storage in third party warehouses with no ownership relationship with Cru.

Top Quality Service

Our warehouses meet stringent systems and security checks.

Daily Reconciliation

Daily reconciliation to ensure Cru records match with the warehouse.

Drakelow, UK

London City Bond

After many years as a secret nuclear bomb shelter, London City Bond took over this facility and turned it into a perfect underground fine wine cellar. The three-and-a-half-mile-long tunnels provide a natural permanent temperature-controlled environment all year long supported by the latest dehumidification equipment.

Excellent Storage Conditions

  • Temperature & humidity controlled, maintained by cutting edge sensors monitored every 30 minutes.
  • Full insurance at market value.
Price (per month) (Ex. VAT)
Up to 4.5 Litres¥ 5.00
Above 4.5 Litres¥ 8.00
LCB storage
Bordeaux, France


Dartess is the leading fine wine and spirits logistics supplier in France. Based in Bordeaux, the world's premier fine wine region, Dartess is part of the Tesson Group founded in 1919. Experts in the industry, Dartess’ 13,500m2 fine wine unit is maintained by highly skilled specialists, adhering to the strictest security measures.

Excellent Storage Conditions

  • Temperature & humidity controlled.
  • Full insurance at market value.
Price (per month)
Per Bottle¥ 1.70
Up to 4.5 Litres¥ 3.00
Above 4.5 Litres¥ 5.30
Dartess storage
Hong Kong

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics is a leading logistics service provider in Asia, with storage facilities in accordance to the HKQAA Wine Storage Management Systems. Restricted access via fingerprint recognition and 24h recorded CCTV provides the highest-level of security.

Excellent Storage Conditions

  • Temperature controlled from the loading docks (16-20°C) with constant airflow and humidity control. Fully insulated from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Full insurance at market value.
Price (per month)
Per Bottle¥ 7.50
Up to 4.5 Litres¥ 10.15
Above 4.5 Litres¥ 15.60
Kerry storage

Toll City

Toll City is a new start-of-the-art, fully bonded, specialised wine warehouse that opened in 2018 and is approved by Singapore Customs. Based in Tuas, efficiency and security are at the heart of Toll City, with 24h CCTV in every storage isle.

Excellent Storage conditions

  • Temperature controlled from the loading docks (18-20°C) with constant airflow and humidity control. Fully insulated from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Full insurance at market value.
Price (per month)
Per Bottle¥ 8.10
Up to 4.5 Litres¥ 12.75
Above 4.5 Litres¥ 19.55
Toll storage
Scotland, United Kingdom

Cask Warehouse Network

Cru offers bonded whisky cask storage in a network of cask warehouses located throughout Scotland. Each warehouse has been selected based on its expertise, security standards, climate control, geographical location, and proximity to prestigious distilleries. Our cask network preferably stores using the dunnage method and most of our whisky warehouses can open their doors to cask owners. We offer regauging services throughout the network.

  • D&M Winchester
  • The Spirited Bond
  • Caley Casks Viewfield
  • Colebrun Distillery
  • Royal Brackla
  • North Point Distillery
  • Westthorn Maturation Warehouse
Price (per month) (Ex. VAT)
Per cask (any size)¥ 105.00
Toll storage

Active Trader Discounts

Cru gives a rebate on storage fees for active traders. Cru also offers FREE storage for the first 30 days on any wine bought through Cru.

Monthly Purchase Amount (exc. tax) Per Bottle Up to 4.5 Litres Above 4.5 Litres
Above CNY 100,000 Free Free Free
CNY 80,000 - CNY 100,000 75% off 75% off 75% off
CNY 60,000 - CNY 80,000 50% off 50% off 50% off
CNY 45,000 - CNY 60,000 25% off 25% off 25% off
First 30 days Free storage on wines bought through Cru
From 1st April 2023

Sell Wine For Just 5% Commssion

Cru has the most competitive rates on the market; just 5% Selling Commission on all wines bought through Cru.

Wine Source
Wines bought through Cru:
Wines bought elsewhere and transferred to Cru:
Selling Commission

Unrivalled Global Liquidity

Our market-leading selling tool gives you full control and unrivalled Global Liquidity. You set the price and your wines are automatically offered, in real-time, to trade and retail buyers across the globe: UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and USA.

Immediate Credit

Your account is credited as soon as your wine sells, enabling you to re-invest in new wines straight away. You will be instantly notified as your wines sell via email and on the app.

Cru’s integrated storage and trading platform makes fine wine trading surprisingly easy and profitable.

Portfolio Management Platform

Cru’s market-leading portfolio management platform is available through our state-of-the-art website and industry leading app (iOS and Android). We provide valuable analytics from and a suite of tools to gain insight of the fine wine market, giving you full transparency and complete control.

Drinking window

See the drinking range of your wines.

Price movement

Stay up to date with real-time valuations of your fine wine portfolio.

Market-leading research

Keep informed with the latest research on market opportunities.

Portfolio composition

View your fine wine portfolio breakdown by country, region and rating.

Portfolio Summary

Download a monthly summary of your fine wine portfolio activity.

Buy and sell recommendations

Receive recommendations on what to buy and sell.

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